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Call Handling Solutions aims to provide a steady stream of leads and appointments to put you in front of the people and companies you want to do business with.

We run highly rated telemarketing campaigns either based around cold calling, building existing relationships or following up tactical initiatives to deliver the following benefits for your company.

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1. Specialist business to business telemarketing agency

Sometimes you need more than just a cold caller to get past the gatekeeper and get you closer to a meeting with your prospect.

Our colleagues are genuine business to business telemarketing specialists, and they are a rare breed so they can be difficult to find (and keep hold of.) Cold calling is generally associated with business to consumer sales calling, which is often volume based, auto-dialling telemarketing which involves very little skill on the part of the cold caller and can be quite rude in nature. Our telesales specialists are just as comfortable communicating with receptionists, middle managers and managing directors and can lead the conversation towards a desirable outcome.

If a B2B telemarketing specialist delivered new leads to your business every week or month would that improve your business? If so contact us and have a chat

2. Appointment setting - Get in front of new prospects

Call Handling Solutions’ business is delivering regular relevant appointments for our clients with brand new prospects they want to work with.

Face to Face appointments booked as a result of telemarketing activity or cold calling give you a far better chance of winning the prospect’s business as a lot of the time they will only be seeing one company… yours!

In our digital age, often the company who gets face to face first is the company that wins the business. As a specialist B2B telemarketing agency we see this over and over again on a daily basis.

If this sounds like what your business needs, give us a call, let’s have a web chat or complete the enquiry form

3. Zero hassle, maximum growth

Our sales team are managed by us, they don’t give you any hassle, never call in sick and never take a holiday.

So you never have to worry about any staff drama, or about someone not turning in to work or having a sick child or all of the other things that happen. We deal with all of that.

We will train our staff on your product or service, we will set and follow up their objectives and outcomes, and we will train and motivate them to produce the best results before holding them to account on a weekly basis.

Speak to our team today to find out how much value an outsourced calling campaign can add your business

4. No telemarketing scripts… ever

When traditional script-based telemarketing companies call you, it’s often obvious that they are using a script. Not at Call Handling Solutions.

Scripts are often used when the sales callers are not trained nor skilled enough to hold a free-flow conversation with a prospect.

Our callers will use an introduction that is proven to work, and from that point will be speaking to the prospect about the benefits that your company can offer them, based on what the prospect is saying whilst on the call.

With effective telesales, cold calling and telemarketing, listening is much more important than talking. A calling script is all about talking, not listening.

If you feel that a telemarketing campaign like this sounds refreshing and different, please get in touch with us

5. Great value for your investment

Effectively utilising ‘Pay as you go’ sales staff you can save a fortune on employment contracts, PAYE, holiday pay and National insurance.

In modern business, employing staff is fraught with costs and hassle and it can be very inflexible for the employer. With a Call Handling Solutions telemarketing campaign, we bear all of those costs and hassles and you have a very minimal financial commitment compared to employing staff.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how a bespoke telemarketing campaign can serve you better than an in-house campaign

6. Fast new client engagement

Telemarketing Outbound calling often provides faster engagement with new clients than less passive electronic contact, so you see the results on your bottom line more quickly.

When you make telemarketing calls yourself it may take many calls to connect with the right person at the right time and this may mean strategic sales calling at a pre-determined time. Even when you have made this arrangement then you must then be able to call the prospect back when they are finally ready to talk to you… and this could be across multiple prospects following a session of cold calling.

It all adds up to be a very difficult and time-consuming task when you also have a busy business or department to run.

Get in touch today and find out how outsourcing this telemarketing solution can make you grow… quickly

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