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Emergency Incident Handling

Call Handling Solutions are a 24/7, specialist emergency incident handling company providing seamless 24hr incident handling and subcontractor out of hours call-out services for clients from all over the UK.

We are currently based in Staffordshire but we offer our service to the whole of the UK, we can take the worry from your hands with taking your emergency incident handling calls or maybe you would be interested in our call answering service?

Here are five great reasons to start a conversation with us about your out of handling your incidents, either on a 24hr basis or out of hours.

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1. Tailor-made service packages

Every 24/7 or out of hours incident handling service contract is tailored to each individual client’s needs

Incidents come in all shapes and sizes from many different sectors. Each one has different requirements, so our service is 100% tailored to you.

Call Handling Solutions understands that requirements are often driven by your contracts and your client’s service level agreements so any package must be built around them. We will work with you to produce a workflow that enables us to deal with your emergencies, your calls and your deployments effectively

To see how a flexible 24/7 incident handling service could help with your individual challenges and needs, contact us today

2. Hassle-free 24/7 contractor deployment

Your emergency incidents and subcontractor call-outs will be handled professionally from our UK based 24-hour operations centre in Stafford.

All business sectors have different requirements therefore services are unique to each client but often include actions such as:

  • Emergency call out of a sub-contractor or on-call agent to an incident
  • Notifying a person of the call by telephone of an incident
  • Notifying and dealing with Authorities
  • Recording and reporting anti-social behaviour
  • Updating an IT helpdesk / support system

We can even log the incident on your web-based software.

Our core business is dealing with emergency incidents, subcontractors and call-outs. Get in touch to see how we can help you

3. Fantastic return on investment

Your company can offer a true 24/7 incident handling and call-out service at a fraction of the cost of providing it yourself.

There are huge savings to be made by outsourcing your emergency call-out operation in areas such as sickness, pension and holiday pay. Not to mention the cost of down-time in quieter periods.  Our incident handling team will never leave you in the lurch, and you’ll never need to worry about holidays and sickness again.

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4. Experienced Incident Handlers

Effective emergency incident handling needs a safe pair of hands, and our 25-year experience of call outs and subcontractors comes as standard.

Our specialist incident handling team are highly skilled in dealing professionally with inbound emergency incidents and then managing the subsequent call outs to subcontractors. Out team are knowledgeable, empathetic and have vast experience is dealing with difficult and time sensitive incidents.

Contact us to find out how this vast experience could add great value to your business without breaking the bank

5. Bespoke Management Information

When we set up your emergency incident handling service plan, the monthly management information is also tailored to your needs.

Most of our clients’ customers require different levels and types of reporting and management information to be presented on a monthly basis. Call Handling Solutions will work with you to ensure that that automatic monthly reporting fits perfectly with your customers’ needs.

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